Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tapping into Trouble

I finally have my first keg brewed beer drinkable my Rapist's Wit. However, all is not well in Beeradise. The first pour out of my keg was ridiculously foamy (I filled a pitcher with foam) I quickly realized that it was still on 30PSI so I turned it down to 10 PSI and it flowed much better. The first couple pints out of the keg, after I wasted 2 pints to trub, were piss poor at best. So, I frustratingly stormed off and cried for about an hour.
I actually sat down and pondered why my beer had turned out so poorly and watched a couple episodes of south park. Later in the afternoon I realized that I could put start to carbonate the blonde. This got me in a better mood until I got to the kegerator and realized my grave oversight. I only had one regulator and had two beers in need of differing pressures. Bwa Bwaaa. I did some quick Google recon and discovered that you could put just a little pressure into the drinking Beer while still leaving the other beer on 30 PSI by pressing the disconnect on for a moment and then releasing it. This is about the least accurate way I could think of regulating beer pressure. However, desperate for a quick solution I did it and searched for a better solution.
The best thing I found was a multi-body pressure regulator which would allow me to regulate the pressure of each keg individually. Pleased with my discovery I quickly tried to source one and ran into my next road block. These things are Freaking Expensive. The one at was the cheapest 4 body regulator I could find. I doesn't have check valves built into the line but that is OK because all of my gas valves have one right after the disconnect. So $160 later (shipping) I am on my way to a fully regulated kegerator.

Happy Ending: The next day I decided to return to my crappy beer (suggested name change: Dim-Wit) for one more try I and discovered it had mellowed out and tasted exponentially better. The crisp clean taste with a medium aroma of the orange zests and light coriander was a delight on the semi chilly day. I cant wait to try it on a hot summer day while mowing the lawn. Hopefully my girlfriend will bring it to me and finish mowing. I am reasonably sure I didn't let it sit long enough before drinking.

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  1. the only problem i can see with your last statement is you got things all fouled up from the start . you need your girlfriend to bring you the beer before she starts mowing the lawn


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