Friday, June 25, 2010

Multi-Body Regulator Installed. Kegerator Complete....?

On Tuesday I received my multi-body regulator and it is going to work out perfectly. I ran into some trouble trying to find space for it though. I had to reorient my kegs so that they are staggered a differently, this way there will be room for 4 kegs, the tank, all regulators and the hoses to fit perfectly. A quick visit to Home Depot got a brass 90° fitting so the gas line would point down to the tank instead of making the hose make the 90° turn.
A stand-off was to be made because collar located the regulator in such a way that the gas lines interfered with the top of the freezer. A 2x4 screwed to the collar gave the correct standoff distance and made mounting the regulators easier to locate.

After closing the lid several times to make sure there was no interferences with my new regulators and the body of the kegerator the only thing left to do was run air to it. I set the pressure gauge on the tank to 30PSI. This will allow me to independently carbonate any of the four kegs at 30 PSI, or to regulate them down to a more drinkable 10 PSI or any intermediate pressure the beer dictates. The Bottled Blonde is a little overcarbonated so i have dropped the pressure down to 7 PSI until the head situation gets under control. I am going to do a write up explaining carbonation and the temperature - pressure relationship later so check back soon for that.

This completes my chest freezer keg conversion... pretty much. There are some small things I still need to do like drill a hole to pass the thermocouple through the kegerator wall so it is not dangling over the edge. I would also like to put casters on the bottom so I can easily move it around. Of course I will be adding 2 additional kegs and tap handles but the cost of this project has been higher than expected. I have put a photos below of the final product. Check back later for more additions and further brewing shenanigans.

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