Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Brewing Day

I had a very busy brewing day today. Drove to the home brew store looking to buy a keg to transfer the Bottled Blonde but they were out so I had to to come back later after they received a large order in. To my surprise they were blue topped kegs. So I bought a new keg new In and Out for it and a T-splitter so I could add onto my existing setup. Which brings me to my existing setup. I finally have the temperature controller working like I wanted it to so I decided to finally carbonate my Rapist's Wit by putting it on air and in the kegerator (Shown Right). In three days I should be able to drink the Wit. The blonde should be ready to put in the kegerator in three days and then ready to drink an another few days. The first 2 pints out of the keg will be mostly trub so that will just get wasted and poured out. This is about the same amount that would have been wasted if I would have bottled or some other method.

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