About Me

       As a young child I always had a great love for beer.  I don't know if it was the ever-present smell of booze on my parents breath when they came and kissed me goodnight or the baby bottle of Alaskan Amber I was given if I was fussy while teething.
       Entering college as a freshmen I quickly learned that if I wanted to really enjoy drinking to its fullest, I would have to quickly drink more than everyone in the room.  Volumetric consumption was apparently directly related to the amount of fun the person drinking had.  This caused me to add weight to the binge drinking side of the quality/quantity scale of alcohol.
       After a couple of years of irresponsible boozing I began to realize that while getting obliterated was fun... it was not always necessary to have a good time,  a good buzz was sometimes enough to have an amazing evening.  When this realization was reached Beast Ice did not quench my thirst I needed something enjoyable to drink. And since I was not trying to find the cheapest most efficient way of getting drunk anymore I was able to develop a taste for the finer things in life, Craft Beer.
       While in college I never was greatly interested in brewing, simply happy enjoying the quality work that others had done for me.  After graduation however,  I was inundated with an excess amount of free time which I had not had in the past.  I purchased a home-brew starting kit and began on my merry way.