Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recieved my temperature controller today...

Today I received the temperature controller straight from down under. Unfortunately that is all I got, it came with no instructions whatsoever as shown above. There is a wiring diagram on the top of the module but it is not very detailed, but I eventually figured it out. I found a website using the same controller for a chest freezer conversion that was helpful. I also emailed mashmaster for instructions but before they got back to me I found the spec sheet hidden on their site. I don't know exactly where I am going to punch through the wall to put the thermocouple so for now I am laying it over the side of the freezer to make sure the temperature stabilizes before I put my precious beer inside. I used a three wire cable to connect the controller two for power and one to send send the power to the compressor, turning the refrigerator on. I did this so the controller could be mounted remotely and it gave some flexibility. I chose to leave the green light because it tells you the refrigerator has power and I didn't want to have to find something to cover the hole. I thought about putting the screen for the controller there but It would have to be mounted sideways.

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