Monday, October 17, 2011


Drinking in your pocket
I recently discovered a fun app for your smartphone that is sure to pique the interest of any beer connoisseur.  This app does what I thought never possible, it makes drinking MORE fun.  Its like a social beer network, beer log and game all in one. Several apps like this exist but I like this one best and my friends have got behind using it so this is the one I'm promoting.
Badges for drinking

UNTAPPD has a pretty simple interface with 5 tabs on the bottom (or top if you are using android) that you can see what your friends are drinking, what is being drank at bars around you, enter a beer, track what you have drank and see if you have any notifications.

When you start the app the "Drink Up" tab opens allowing you to quickly enter what beer you are currently drinking, and uses the phones GPS to locate bars near by that you might be drinking it at.  The "My Tab" allows you to track all the beers you drink as well as where and grants access to the best feature of this app, Badges.
Badges are a great take on an old idea, anyone familiar with the xbox live achievements system knows how this works.  When you drink 1 beer you automatically recieve the Newbie badge which just introduces you to the system.  Other badges can be unlocked by drinking at different venues for instance you can unlock "Bowl-o-Rama" for drinking 5 beers in a bowling alley.  There are too many different badges you can unlock for me to list.  You can track the badges I have unlocked by going to the UNTAPPD website and visiting my page.  I currently only have 4 badges but I got those all in one day so its a decent start.
The "Friends" Tab is pretty self explanatory it allows you to see what your friends are drinking and what badges they have unlocked, so you can compete/trash talk about your drinking prowess over them.
This app is free from the app store for both Android and iOS I would recommend it to anyone (even kids).

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