Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another one bites the foam

I finished off the last bit of my Rapist's Wit today. An overall great drinking experience but now I have 2 empty kegs that need filling. Anyone have some ideas on what I should brew next. I was thinking about trying to do a bourbon barrel aged BRRR like the Widmer Brothers are releasing under their limited release brothers reserve. If you look closely at the BAC it's coming in nicely at 10.4% up from the 7.12% of the original. Any other suggestions?


  1. again I personally like just the oak barrel aged beers better than the bourbon barrel aged beers. While I like them both I always feel that the bourbon over powers a lot of the flavor of the beer. I really like Widmer's Brrr and I wouldn't want to over power any of its flavor so that is why I like the subtle changes that just the oak would add to it. Have you tried Widmer's version?

  2. No the Widmer version is not out yet I don't think. or at least I cant find it yet.


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