Thursday, May 22, 2014


To my readers,
     I have been blogging on Buffalo Theory Brewing since May 2010.  What started off as a place for me to keep track of my home brew recipes has evolved into a semi legitimate craft beer blog.  I will be launching a new website more aptly named for the content provided.
     I have imported all the previous posts that are craft beer related to the new site so the content is not lost and I will be removing it from this site. Buffalo Theory Brewing is not dead and I will not stop posting to it.  However, BTB will return to its original purpose, as a hub for my home brew recipes.  The new website will officially launch on June 1st., and will be the source of my non home-brewing, craft beer related posts.  Please check back on the June 1st to see the new site.

Thanks for your support,

Joseph M. Cooley
Buffalo Theory Brewing

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