Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Divergence from the original Divergence

To My Readers,

     My last post said that I was going to split off the craft beer portion of this site in order to more accurately portray what was being posted.  Homebrew stuff on this site and craft beer content on the new one.  This is still the case, only the venue has changed.  Portlandcraftbeer.com is a little limiting of my interests, also it does not truely reflect the current content of the site.
I have since purchased an additional domain and will be putting all my content on CascadianBeer.com.  Sorry for the confusion but I feel like this will be more accurate portray the content that I will be producing.

Thank you again,

Joseph M. Cooley


  1. You highly overestimate how motivated I am. One blog is a lot of work.